I've read that Francesco has worked for Ferrari F1, Lamborghini, Pagani. Will I spend the day with him?

Yes, you will spend the whole day with Francesco, founder and owner of MotorStars. Francesco whose experience is as diverse as F3 mechanic, F1 model maker and manufacturer of hi-tech carbon-fiber components (M. Schumacher F1 steering wheel) and as a researcher and developer for Lamborghini can offer you unique insight not only into the history but in the technical background as well. He'll make you feel like you're part of the team and ensure that you have an amazing and unforgettable experience! A real point-of-difference from whole other companies that now sell similar tours.

During this tour am I always driven around with a licensed vehicle? is it included in the price?

In order to respect all local rules and legislations and to offer you the best and safest service ever, MotorStars are a fully licensed, insured transport company and also collaborate with “Snack Travel” a registered, fully insured tour operator to give you peace of mind. All this is always included in the price.

Can I/We have a private tour?

MotorStars offer full-day tours for small groups of people, max 8 people, this is the max number of people our vehicle can take. This intimate size ensures personal attention from our host to your needs and a more enjoyable experience. Please note, due to factories management restrictions out of our control, private tours inside the factories are not allowed.

Can I book my tour over the phone?

In order to avoid confusion we prefer to process bookings by email and do not accept credit card information over the phone. A mobile phone number will be provided at confirmation time for urgent matters.

What is your policy on cancellation?

We only ask a deposit of €100 pp. to secure the booking. In order to respect all local rules and legislations and to offer you the best and safest service ever, MotorStars also collaborate with “SnackTravel” a registered, fully insured tour operator to give you peace of mind. To know more, please read "Term and Conditions of Booking". 

Is there room in van for our luggage or where could we store our suitcases?

We strongly suggest not to bring any luggage with you during the tour because not all factories and museums have secure parking. Please bring hand-luggage only onto the MotorStars van (max dim. 60cm x 40cm x 20cm) It is important that you leave your luggage at the hotel or at the luggage store facilities at "Bologna Centrale" train station (open every day from 7am-9pm, n°1 suitcase per n°1 day costs ca. € 7).

Do you arrange only reservations to factory and museum?

MotorStars arrange reservations for the respective factories and museums only for those people who have chosen and booked one of its tour packages.

What would be the best place to stay to join the tour?

The best place we suggest you to stay to join the tour is Bologna. We have a list of good hotels in strategic positions from which we could pick-up you easily. Bologna Centrale railway station, as well, is also very well served by new high-speed trains connecting it to the biggest cities of Italy (Florence-Bologna 37 min, Milan-Bologna 59 min, Venice-Bologna 1hr 20min, Rome-Bologna 2hr 20min).

How long does it take for each stage of the tour?

The time we spend for each stage of the tour depends on the availability of every activity in the programme. In order to optimize the time at our disposal, we have arranged the best schedules and transfers.

Are all the tours the same price?

On 2018 every MotorStars full-day tour package costs €250 per 1 adult (all taxes and fees included) only the optional Lamborghini factory floor tour is extra €50. Special offers and discounts are available for families with children and groups.

How far in advanced should I book the tour?

There is not a deadline for booking, but if you're interested in one of our tour packages we strongly suggest you to book at your earliest convenience (due to limited number of tours available per day and the limited number of participants admitted). Before you book your flight and hotel, please, make certain that you have arranged your booking in time and have received our written confirmation of your booking-form.

Is there an age limit for these tours?

For safety reasons children under 6 years old are not allowed inside the factories (only Maserati requires the age of 18). No age limit for the museums and private collections.

Can I take pictures inside the factories?

It is strictly forbidden to use cameras and mobiles inside the factories, there are no restrictions onto museums and private collections.

Is there a dress code?

During the factory floor tours it is mandatory to wear closed-type footwear - sorry if due to safety reasons - visitors with open type footwear will not be allowed into the production area.

Do you run tours on Saturday or Sunday?

All factories are not open during the week-end, for this reason MotorStars tours are available only from Monday to Friday.

How do I visit the Ferrari Factory floor?

Walking through assembly lines inside the Ferrari factory is only for car owners, journalists and sponsors. Ferrari directly manage these tours.

Where I meet you at Bologna rail station?

As soon as you arrive please follow directions to “P.zza Med. d’ Oro Town center”. Outside the station with your back to the main entrance, look for Burger King’s on the corner of the square with the main road (it’s the only one). I'll be waiting for you in front of Burger King’s by the black Mercedes 9 seats’ van with the MotorStars logos on the bonnet and on the doors.

Can you let us know if our tour is good to go in terms of the minimum number of people?

MotorStars Tour packages are 100% guaranteed to depart, we do NOT cancel a confirmed booking even if the minimum number of participants hasn't been reached.