Drive Ferrari Lamborghini on race-track

A perfect combination of Ferrari Lamborghini driving experience both on public-roads and on the race-track (optional)

Drive Ferrari Lamborghini on race-track, enjoy the handling and acceleration of Ferrari and Lamborghini in a perfect combination of driving experience both on public-roads and on the race-track. First you will choose your favorite car and you will familiarize with it driving on the road on your way to the track, then you will drive it on the track (where there won’t be any other cars) - as you go faster you will feel the amazing performance of a Ferrari. Then you will take a relaxing, leisurely drive back to Maranello.

• you drive on public-roads from Maranello to the race-track in Modena (22 km - 13 miles - 30 mins)
• you are ‘passenger’ on the race-track for the 1st lap (2 km - 1.3 miles - 5 mins)
• you drive on the race-track for 4 laps (8 km - 5miles - 15 mins)
• you drive on the race-track for 2 laps to cool down the car (4 km - 2.5 miles - 10 mins)
• you drive again on public-roads to go back to Maranello (22 km - 13 miles - 30 mins)

Rules and conditions:
• due time constrictions “Road & Track” experience is available only with “White Tour”
• service is not run by Ferrari SpA nor Lamborghini SpA
• track experience is not on the Fiorano track (not open to the public)
• driving experience is sold by a car-hire agency and is to be paid on the day (all major credit cards accepted)
• co-pilot is always in the car
• cars can be driven as fully automatic or with F1 shifting gear (no clutch pedal)
• prices include tax, fees and insurance RC auto with € 5.000 excess (for those interested, an insurance upgrade is available at the car hire agency in order to change the excess amount)
• to drive you need to hold a valid driving license at least 1-year-old and you have to be min. 19 years of age
• valid driver’s license must be available in original at moment of driving
• local police follow specific regulations in order to protect public order - citizens coming from non-EU countries will need an “International driver’s license” (translation of driver’s licenses is usually made by companies such as RAC, AAA, DMV) in addition to their valid driver’s license.
• option to have an in-car DVD, extra €50
• track availability is confirmed at booking time
• advanced notice is required




€1.050 for 80 mins. with Ferrari California Turbo
€1.100 for 80 mins. with Ferrari California Turbo HS
€1.250 for 80 mins. with Ferrari 488 GTB 
€1.250 for 80 mins. with Ferrari GTC4 Lusso
€1.250 for 80 mins. with Lamborghini Huracán Performante



We arrange the race track experience in Italy only for those who join MotorStars tours.