Maserati factory tour, Maserati museum tour

Maserati factory tour to watch "Gran Cabrio" and "Gran Turismo" been made at the historical site of the Maserati factory in Modena

An amazing Maserati factory tour and Maserati museum tour at the historical site of the factory at Modena in the Motor Valley, Italy.
At the Maserati factory in Modena fans will appreciate a wonderful 50 minutes Maserati factory tour through every area of the assembly that show them how truly hand built these beautiful Italian gran-turismo super-cars are. From the beginning of the assembly until the cars are finished and ready for testing. This factory tour ends visiting the finishing department that is astonishing.
During the Maserati museum tour (showroom located inside the factory) fans will also admire all cars currently in production and the "loop" - the semi suspended ring designed by a famous architect. For those who are interested in this factory tour, please note the factory itself prefer to require a minimum age of 18 for safety reasons.


Maserati factory tour is under Maserati factory availability, there are no restrictions for the Maserati museum tour. We arrange Maserati factory and museum tours from Bologna and Modena in Italy only for those who join MotorStars tours.