Lamborghini factory tour, Lamborghini museum tour

The House of the "Raging Bull", the L​amborghini factory tour and the Lamborghini museum are absolutely astonishing

At the renovated two-storey Lamborghini museum located inside the Lamborghini factory, fans will discover an amazing exhibition of more than 20 cars between historic and newer models. The Lamborghini museum cover all major milestones in the Lamborghini's history such as the legendary "Miura", "Countach", the newer "Reventón", "Veneno" and the latest SUV "Urus".

For a few more euro at the preserved original Lamborghini factory, fans will also appreciate the opportunity to admire how these magical Italian sports cars are built. This 50 mins. Lamborghini factory tour takes you, step by step, along assembly stations of the “Lamborghini Aventador”, “Lamborghini Huracan” and into the upholstery department that is more an astonishing atelier. Please note Lamborghini factory tour is not included in the tour cost, for who interested, extra charge of only €50 pp. instead full price that purchased directly is normally is €75 pp.


We arrange Lamborghini factory tours and visits to the Lamborghini museum only for those who join MotorStars Italian factory motor tour packages.



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