"Motor Valley" the land of Motors!

If you are thinking of spending a few days in Italy but instead of just looking at old cathedrals you prefer to discover factories and museums of the best supercars in the world such as Ferrari Maserati Lamborghini Pagani, you must definitely stop in Emilia Romagna!

This is not only the region of the good food but also the land of motors, the “Motor Valley”, a must for all motor lovers of two and four wheels!

The possibilities are many, from visits to factories and museums of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati, up to the possibility to visit private collections of classic cars and motorcycles to discover brands that have marked an era in the motor world.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to have an exhilarating driving experience on public-roads and on the test-track (either as a passenger or as a driver) or the thrill of a semi-professional F1 simulator.

Well, why not take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover factories and museums of the most beautiful Italian super cars and motorcycles in the world?


If you are a motor's lover you will be overwhelmed by choices of MOTORSTARS tour packages and you’ll feel a sure and strong desire to come back here soon and often!



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Ferrari museum tour Modena

The Enzo Ferrari birth house in Modena and an astonishing exhibition displayed as a modern art gallery

Ferrari museum tour Maranello

The Ferrari museum at the historical site of the factory in Maranello to re-live the myth of the "Prancing Horse"

Lamborghini factory tour, Lamborghini museum tour

The House of the "Raging Bull", the L​amborghini factory tour and the Lamborghini museum are absolutely astonishing

Pagani factory tour, Pagani museum tour

Luxury exotic cars as real work of art, the Pagani factory tour and the Pagani museum tour will surprise you

Ferrari factory tour bus-tour

A special Ferrari factory tour inside the Fiorano track and Viale Enzo Ferrari at the historical site of the factory in Maranello

Ducati factory tour, Ducati museum tour

A fantastic Ducati factory tour that shows how truly hand built these beautiful Italian motorcycles are

Maserati factory tour, Maserati museum tour

Maserati factory tour to watch "Gran Cabrio" and "Gran Turismo" been made at the historical site of the Maserati factory in Modena

Maserati collection tour

The most complete collection of Maseratis in the world started by the Maserati brothers, temple of Maserati cars

Ferruccio Lamborghini museum tour

The Lamborghini family museum, the history of Ferruccio from tractors to magical italian sport cars famous worldwide

Ferrari Lamborghini test drive

An exhilarating Ferrari Lamborghini test drive on public-roads around the Ferrari factory and Ferrari museum (optional)

Drive Ferrari Lamborghini on race-track

A perfect combination of Ferrari Lamborghini driving experience both on public-roads and on the race-track (optional)

Ferrari F1 professional simulator

The thrill of the professional Ferrari F1 simulator for the youngest and not only (optional)